2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation....

What is transparency?



Transparency…it is something that I remember as a child that my teachers would use to teach. They would draw words and pictures to further my education.

A clear plastic sheet on top of a lamp…broadcast on the wall for all to see in the classroom.

Transparency is what I attempt to bring to the pages of these posts. Laying my thoughts bare and broadcast for the world to see and critique at will.

Transparency is what Jesus asks of me in believing and following Him. Transparency that proclaims He is my savior and the strength to show others what life in Him is about.

Being bare in front of a group of people who can reject me and my Savior is one of the most daunting things I have ever done in my life.

But it is also one of the most rewarding.

Five Minute Friday!

I love Fridays! Thanks to Lisa Jo at the Gypsy Mama it’s the time when I can just leave my mind to wander and my fingers to roam…trusting the Writer to steer me at will. Journaling whatever flits across my brain for five minutes straight. No backtracking, no spell checking, no stopping until that beepity beep! Want to join in the fun? Click on the button below. Today’s word is BARE.


How have you been most transparent? Is there anything else on your heart today? Join in the conversation below to share in the blessings!

photo credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton via photopin cc

  • Tonya Salomons

    Love this… this image of a projector and living transparent in Christ for all to see. So beautiful!

    • http://www.newequus.com/ Mindy @ New Equus

      Thanks Tonya! although I still need a LOT of practice in doing it!

  • http://www.differentparent.com/ Wick Anderson

    A great reminder for us to live vulnerable to God and His love for us….:)

    • http://www.newequus.com/ Mindy @ New Equus

      Thanks Wick!

  • http://canigetanotherbottleofwhine.blogspot.com/ Kate Hall

    This is beautiful, Mindy.

    • http://www.newequus.com/ Mindy @ New Equus

      Thanks Kate! :)

  • http://www.newequus.com/ Mindy @ New Equus

    Ha! It certainly is Megan. Thanks!

  • http://myfreshlybrewedlife.com/ Barbie

    Amen my friend! Such beautiful transparency here.

    • http://www.newequus.com/ Mindy @ New Equus

      Thank you Barbie!

  • http://simplystriving.wordpress.com/ Nikki

    It’s the things in life with the greatest risks that are the greatest rewards, don’t you think? and living my life for Him like a projector…yes. thank you for this, friend. beautiful!

    I haven’t been by in awhile–it’s looking all pretty up in here!! :)

    • http://www.newequus.com/ Mindy @ New Equus

      Hey Nikki! You are definitely right…with great risk comes great rewards. We just need to have faith that He will tell us when it’s time to take those great risks. :) So glad you stopped by!

  • http://www.amylearns.com/ Amy Tilson

    Great imagery. Good stuff here, girl. I like a visual I can hang on to and this hit the mark for me today.

    • http://www.newequus.com/ Mindy @ New Equus

      Thank you Amy! I do much better with a visual, too!

  • http://theemptynestexpress.com/ Ms. Kathleen

    Beautiful – being transparent is indeed daunting but for me it seems that is when the Lord does His best work… Bless you!

    • http://www.newequus.com/ Mindy @ New Equus

      You got that right Ms. Kathleen! There is nothing left to fear when it’s all out there for the world to see.

  • Paula Barnett

    I, too, have found increased transparency through my blog. To say what He leads me to say, not what I believe others want me to say, consciously solidifies my relationship with Him.

    • http://www.newequus.com/ Mindy @ New Equus

      Good for you Paula! It takes great faith to write what He wants you to write and not what you think others want to read.

  • Mia

    Dear Mindy
    Your words reminds me so much of our Lord Jesus who was ridiculed and rejected by the Pharisees for just being honest, transparent and telling the truth! And didn’t He say that if the world rejected Him, will they not do the same with us?
    Much love XX

    • http://www.newequus.com/ Mindy @ New Equus

      Yes, He did Mia. I would rather people reject me because I wasn’t afraid to be me than as someone who was a fake and wearing a mask! Blessings to you dear!